Saturday, 26 March 2016

4 Tips for Long Car Journeys Alone!

I was 6 weeks old the first time I spent a significant amount of time traveling in a car... Significant being 8 to 10 hours! Since then I have been very comfortable traveling in a car either road tripping or just traveling to see family.

Now my whole life I have never been alone on long car journeys until now! Last week I decided to drive to London to see a friend of mine, this is a 7 or 8 hour round trip so I had to occupy my time some how.

1. Audiobooks!

I am a huge fan of reading but I procrastinate my books so much I just end up with a massive "to be read" pile on my desk.
I always have my ipod on in the car, it's a very vintage 2nd gen. My radio isn't super great so I can't drive in complete silence! I solved this by digging out my teenage wet dream and hooked up my banging tunes to my car speakers.

Now music is great but I like to feel like I'm being productive and actually completing my reading goal this year (but I must say I'm very far behind). I dug up some audiobooks and sync'd my ipod.
But remember! If you don't finish your audiobook on your solo journey, when someone get's in the car with you they will be very confused and constantly try to talk over the story!

2. Snacks!

I have never been able to go more than a couple of hours without eating something. This is the same in every day life and on long journeys. If you ever want to claim shotgun in my car, bring me some sweets, crisps or even cereal and you're in!

3. Cruise over speed!

In my everyday life and car journeys I am not one for sticking to speed limits. It's not big and clever but it's just how I'm comfortable driving.
Yet, on motorways and with long journeys I seem to always cruise. I pretty much always drive between 50 and 75. I'm trying to be honest.
Driving comfortably and without being stressed about time means that you'll drive safer, happier and maybe appreciate the drive.

4. Take Breaks!

This seems obvious but sometimes people forget. I like to stop every 2-3 hours, or when I'm dying for a wee! In Britain Services often sell hot food, drinks, toys, books and more. There are things to do and often there's a hotel or similar attached if you really need to get your head down. Even if you're traveling with someone else, services are ideal, just try not to fuel up here because you will pay for it!

Chat soon.