Saturday, 19 March 2016

Visit Wales: Cyfarthfa Park

If you ask any Welsh person why Wales is great 9 out of 10 would comment on the beauty and greenery of this small country. Some may also mention our rich history, both beauty and history can be seen in Cyfarthfa Park and Museum (locally known as Cyfarthfa Castle).
Cyfarthfa Castle was built by the Iron Master of Merthyr, Mr Crawshay in the 1800s. Since then it has dominated the landscape and shaped the lives of the iron workers who lived there. In the early 20th century the house became a museum and school, with the surrounding landscape being open to the public.

So anyway, today we took the dog around the grounds today and it was lovely. Having days off and spending them doing wonderful adventures is my favourite thing.

We started off walking around the big lake at the bottom of the hill and worked our way up. Let's be honest most of Wales is walking uphill. We worked our way through the woodlands and found an old couple of ponds with lots of frogspawn and water insects. It was here that the dog decided it was time to jump in and rescue all the sticks. And I mean all the sticks!

We then worked our way back down through the meadows and sat and chillied while (the perfect place for a picnic). While we gradually made our way back to the car we realised we'd spent 2-3 hours just wandering and walking. The weather was bright and sunny but windy and cold, a welcome change from the harsh rain of winter! 

Chat soon