Sunday, 1 May 2016

Life Update? Travel Plans, Work Problems, Money Shit

Hey guys,

I haven't posted on here for a while and it does look a little like a ghost town round here. So I thought I'd have a simple chat with you guys about my current life situation. 


I quite my job in the popular pizza chain that rhymes with smominos because my manager thought it was appropriate to make everyone cry. I am too proud and don't need that shit in my life. So great I'm happier, Sadly I now have less money. I started working behind a bar again which I love but it's only 11 hours a week. So as you can guess, saving for traveling is very very difficult.

Travel Plans?

So travel plans are now on the backburner which sucks, but they do still exist. Not only do I now work less and get paid less but the boyfee also lost his job. So sadly fun plans have been postponed while we work out life. The note pad of ideas and places to go still goes strong and will never be thrown away so let's see where we are in 6 months. 


I am still gradually buying travel stuff and planning adventures. I've just bought a gopro so maybe will do some daily vlogging. Ahh Idk it scares me but could be fun :)
I guess for now we'll just have to enjoy the beauty of Wales.

I hope you guys are doing good and I'll chat to you soon.