Sunday, 10 January 2016

5 Things to do in South Wales in 2016

They always say to see your own back garden before you see the world, so that's what I'm going to do. 

I'm from a small village in South Wales (UK). Wales is a beautiful place but there are some things I've never done and some great things I want to do again. This year, before I leave to see the world I want to see and do these things:

1. Watch the sunrise from atop Pen y Fan mountain.

Pen y Fan is the highest mountain in the south of Britain. The picture above is from this time last year, always beautiful when covered in snow. Waking up early enough to watch the sunrise is always magical, being on top of a mountain in a beautiful country just adds a little something else. 
As this is completely free I vote everyone do it!

2. The Doctor Who experience in Cardiff Bay.

It is no secret that Doctor Who is filmed in Cardiff. Like all Welsh people I can watch the show and be like "ooo my nana lives on that street" and lets not to forget the obligatory Torchwood photo down the Bay. There has been an exhibition in Cardiff since 2005 and I still have yet to visit! 
'Props on display include an Ood Elder from The End of Time, a fly-headed Tritovore and Lady Christina De Souza's costume from "Planet of the Dead",' (Wikipedia).
At £16 a ticket it's definitely an experience, but one I need to save up for.

3. Spend the day at Oakwood Theme Park.

(photo: instagram @themeparkworldwide)

In 1996 Oakwood opened the Megaphobia ride, what I knew as a child to be the largest wooden roller-coaster in Europe. I regularly went to Oakwood as a child,  and since then they've developed many rides and roller coasters that I'm dying to experience! 
For adults one ticket costs £24. This is a definite day trip I need to put in the calendar. 

4. Walk behind Sgwd yr Eira waterfall in the Brecon Beacons.

(photo: instagram @daniellaaargh)

The Brecon Beacons is a national park in Wales, a title that is well deserved. 
There are different paths and picnic areas to just sit and soak up the beauty. As children we swam in the blue pool (water from under the rock that was so cold you'd turn blue!), hike along the the mountains and see the waterfalls. Sgwd yr Eira (falls of snow) is the a waterfall along the Afon Hepste. It's so picturesque and by all means, you can walk behind it! (as long as you're careful of course).

5. Cycle the Taff Trail.

(Photo: instagram @rhyssavory)

Ok so putting this on the list did result is a small argument from my better (and sadly more sensible) other half. 
I suggested us doing the Taff Trail and he instantly said we weren't fit enough. 
The Taff Trail is a cycle route (also for walking, horse riding and the like) that spreads 55 miles from Brecon down to Cardiff Bay. In flatter countries that is completely cool and I could do that tomorrow. However in Wales, where it is impossible to go anywhere without encountering a mountain, it might be a tad difficult. 
Yet it is something I've wanted to do for a while, so this year I will get it done! The path is mostly off road and suitable for road bikes. Of course it's completely free to do but plenty of food is advised. 

So those are my top 5 things to do in South Wales, for me, in 2016. 
I'm always excited to make a bucket list for the year, and although I may not do all of them, I will definitely do some. I feel so accomplished when I check something off the list.

Do you guys have anything to add to my list? or any ideas?